Daily Things You Can Do To Lessen Animal Suffering

There are actually a surprisingly large number of things you can do in your every-day life to make the world a friendlier place for our four-legged, finned and feathered friends (did i miss anyone? 😉

Below is a partial list, if you’d like make a suggestion, feel free to use the form below!

  • Go Vegan! – This is the biggest step you can make! See under Campaigns on the left! Here is a quick link to PETA’s fantastic ingredient listing.
  • Ask What’s In Your Food – ignorance is no excuse! If you wouldn’t eat an egg, why would you eat a bagel with egg in it? Every item you consume creates demand for more of that item, even if you mean well.
  • Stickers and Leaflets – always carry some stickers and leaflets with you, you never know when you might find the perfect spot for a sticker, or you’re talking to someone on the bus who wants more information. PETA will usually send out small amounts of each to activists.
  • Avoid Wearing Leather and Wool – even if it’s “old”, by wearing it you are admitting and encouraging that animal bodys can be used clothing. Even leather-like alternatives are good to avoid if possible.
  • Find Out What is Tested on Animals – millions of animals die each year so that we know the latest and greatest Tide may be harmful if you happen to eat six cups of it, and other pointless tests. This link takes you to PETA’s shopping guide.
  • More to come soon!

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