Drainage Systems For Agricultural Use

Education can help drainage practitioners and stakeholders (farmers, contractors, consultants, agency staff, local decision makers) understand how they can accomplish the dual objectives of agricultural production while minimizing unwanted environmental effects. Other sectors of society are in need of education about water management alternatives for agriculture and how these alternatives affect society at large.



  • Provide research-based drainage and water management education to various target audiences and regions to enhance decision making abilities.
  • Increase profit and sustainability of agriculture through sound water management.Drainage system
  • Improve understanding and awareness of environmental impacts of water management practices.

Install sturdy trench drains in animal barns and equipment buildings to prevent messes inside where wet animals or tractors are housed.  Mud from the equipment and animal waste build up quickly, leading to frequent hose-downs of the floor.  Trench drain is a standard design requirement for these buildings and ideal for controlling your waste water.

Cast iron or ductile iron grating withstand the heavy loads of tractors and hoofed animals.  For the most rugged trench drain applications, consider using cast iron frames to help increase the load capability of your drain.

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