Animals shouldn’t be used as entertainment

We as people should know better. We are humans, we don’t care about other things. This is like roman time when they had gladiator battles. We didn’t care what other people thought. It should be illegal and that’s that. We can send men to the moon, build sky scrapers but can we protect animals? Stand with me to protect and help those in need.

Animals in Entertainment” refers to any animal(s) used to act, perform, fight and/or kill for the enjoyment of humans. The term encompasses many different forms of entertainment – from circuses to movies to bullfighting. Except for a few situations, most animals are taken out of their natural environment to perform acts not typically in their behavioral repertoire. Domestic animals who appear in films are an exception as many are able to stay in their natural habitat. Exotic animals used for entertainment, such as elephants, tigers, and dolphins, are taken from their respective habitats and may be starved, beaten or otherwise maltreated to become submissive to a trainer. Many of these animals are continually maltreated throughout their performance years in an effort to make them behave accordingly. Most of the training occurs privately, making it easy for many to deny that cruelty to animals exists in the entertainment field. However, if one looks closely during the circus, for example, it is apparent how these animals are treated – performers threaten tigers with a whip and often hit elephants with metal rung on their legs.elephant

Circus Animals

The circus created treasured memories for many people over the years. Some fans said that its final farewell saddened them, and that the closing was a great loss for America. Meanwhile, employees of Ringling attributed the show’s closing to the impact of technology on modern society. Young generations growing up with smart phones and tablets are no longer interested in elephants, monkeys and caravans. However, the last straw that forced the circus to say goodbye was suspicions of animal cruelty.

The circus was sued by a number of animal rights organizations for alleged animal abuse. Starting from 2013, many U.S. cities issued regulations banning wild animal shows. In other words, the operation of circuses is at its core incompatible with social development and the cause of animal protection.