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What is this site about?

This site was created to help bolster the Animal Rights movement. There are many independent activists, but it’s difficult to organize entire rallies, let alone campaigns through the efforts of a sole individual, so hopefully this site will be able to link up people who would like to be active in the movement, and those who already are.

What is Animal Rights?

One who supports animal rights believes that animals deserve the fundamental right to live their lives unharmed and unaffected by humans. How one practices this varies.

The most basic step is to adopt a vegan diet and lifestyle, eliminating all animal products from foods, as this is where most animals are killed, and the most good can come from.

Fresh salad

Fresh salad

Then it’s a matter of finding out where else your daily life (most commonly leather, wool, and products tested on animals) animals are used, and simply removing them and not supporting the companies that continue to sell products that encourage animal suffering.

From there, write letters and make phone calls, join local rallies, and start your own!

Please make use of this site! Unless otherwise stated, it is free for you to use and distribute to help the animals!